Our Delivery Policy

At Jerry Aussie Farm, we offer delivery services for our Australian Shepherd puppies to ensure a safe and convenient experience for our customers. Our Delivery Policy outlines the following key points:
Delivery Areas: We provide delivery services within USA and Canada. Customers can inquire about the delivery area by contacting our customer service team.
Delivery Charges: Delivery charges will vary based on the distance of the delivery location from our farm. Customers will be informed of the applicable delivery charges at the time of purchase.
Delivery Schedule: Deliveries are scheduled based on availability and logistics. Our team will coordinate with customers to arrange a suitable delivery time that works for both parties.
Delivery Process: On the day of delivery, our team will ensure that the Australian Shepherd puppy is safely transported to the designated location. Customers are required to be present to receive the puppy and sign off on the delivery.
Delivery Terms: It is important for customers to review and agree to our Delivery Terms before confirming their purchase. These terms outline our responsibilities as well as the customer’s obligations regarding the delivery process. Also before delivery is made the follow price of the puppy must have been paid

Pick-Up Policy

For customers who prefer to pick up their Australian Shepherd puppies in person, we offer a Pick-Up Policy that ensures a smooth and efficient collection process. The main points of our Pick-Up Policy include:
Pick-Up Location: Customers can pick up their puppies directly from our farm location at a pre-arranged time or at a public location. Detailed directions to our farm will be provided upon confirmation of the pick-up arrangement.
Pick-Up Appointment: To streamline the pick-up process and avoid any delays, customers are required to pay a non refundable fee to schedule a pick-up appointment in advance. This allows us to prepare the puppy and necessary documentation for a seamless handover.
Identification Requirement: For security purposes, customers picking up their puppies must provide valid identification and proof of purchase. This is essential to verify the identity of the individual collecting the puppy.
Health Certification: Prior to pick-up, each Australian Shepherd puppy will undergo a final health check to ensure they are in optimal condition for transfer. Customers will receive all relevant health certificates and documentation upon pick-up.
Pick-Up Terms: Customers are encouraged to carefully read and understand our Pick-Up Terms, which outline important guidelines and expectations for the pick-up process. 
By adhering to our Delivery and Pick-Up Policies, we aim to provide a transparent and reliable service that prioritizes the well-being of our Australian Shepherd puppies and customer satisfaction.